About our company

We’re on a mission to give every e-commerce brand owner the ability to measure how their shoppers' actions and engagement are impacted by the user experience on their website.

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Increased sales
and behaviors
Decreased ad
Higher click
Increased web traffic

We started with a single goal:
Help e-commerce brands scale

Our platform tracks millions of digital interactions and turn them into intelligent recommendations to improve people's e-commerce brands, grow revenue, and fuel innovation.

The six core work values that drive everything we do


The Stitchology founders met while studying Computer Science. They became passionate about sharing their analytical skills with brand owners. Now, every feature is built with that same passion.


Stitchology worked with 10 e-commerce brands pre-launch to ensure that brands received the best quality insights and recommendations.

Privacy conscious

Stitchology is designed with privacy as a priority by ensuring privacy of your users and analytics. It can be configured to follow the strictest of privacy laws, including GDPR.


Stitchology is eager to continue working with brands to understand what to bring to the table next. Stitchology is here to serve your needs and automate your business decisions.


Hiring an analytics team or data scientist is not an easy nor affordable task. That's why we came into the picture. To simplify your life and get automated insights at a cost conscious price.

Customer obsession

Stitchology is committed to ensuring the analytics built empower brand owners to do their best work and live their best lives.