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Product not selling well?

Save hours from watching session recordings. Uncover how shoppers are engaging and interacting with the product and why they are not converting into sales. Make quick decisions from visualizing aggregated customer journeys.

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Engagement insights

Discover trends with shoppers'
interactions between products

Real-time shopper mouse movements

Watch your shoppers in the present as they navigate through your site

Assess incoming and outgoing product traffic

Find the products that are closely related and how your

Personalized product recommendations

Take advantage of tailored insights for your products  

Unsure how your brand is performing?

Compare your brand assessment to a previous point in time. Differentiate engagement and growth between different e-commerce products. Understand shopper interaction with product media. Take advantage of real time shopper mouse movements and location tracking.

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Engagement analysis

How are shoppers are engaging with competitors vs. your site?

Compare conversion rates

What markets are similar brands reaching that you can too?

Shopper community correlation

Do shoppers come back to similar brands' websites vs yours?

User experience comparison

Do shoppers have seamless, intuitive experience in relation to similar brands? 

Surface opportunities to acquire, convert and retain more shoppers

Pinpoint what confuses customers and where they struggle. See how visitors progress through your site, page by page, from entry to exit. Discover your biggest opportunities and frustrations within minutes.

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Personalized insights

Quickly quantify opportunities to see clearly what will drive results

Impact quantification

Prioritize where to focus based on revenue and goal impact

Shopper journeys

Uncover trends affecting revenue, conversion or your site experience.

Product level gaps

Optimize by combining shopper journey insights and granular data on your product catalog