The science behind shopper behaviors

Unlocking these hidden shopper behaviors helps you identify trends in their mouse movements.  This allows you to quickly increases sales and conversion. Read examples:

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How Pizza Hut made $7.8 million from understanding shoppers

The Pizza Hut Digital Ventures team noticed customers on their highly-visited ‘Our Deals’ page weren’t clicking on the deal cards, but they couldn’t understand why.

Pizza Hut ran a couple of experiments and watched how shoppers interacted with the page. Shoppers were not clicking the deal cards due to a lack of a CTA (call-to-action). As a result, there were numerous dead clicks. After Pizza Hut added a CTA, their sales boosted in $7.8 million.

Rakuten analyzed customer journeys to increase conversion 10%

Rakuten, an eCommerce company that lets customers earn cashback as they shop, noticed that 11.3% of visitors were viewing their shopping cart page. Unfortunately, they didn't see the conversion rates they expected on the page.

The team used customer journeys to learn why users weren't adding items to their carts, remove any customer frustration, and streamline user journeys on the cart page. In the end, their website changes led to a 10% increase in conversion.

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How one change boosted Dreams' Black Friday revenue +18%

During Black Friday 2019, Octavia Benham — part of the Online Trading Team at Dreams — was looking to analyze their Black Friday landing pages to identify opportunities to increase revenue.

By watching customer journeys, they learned to place the most clicked button front & center for shoppers to easily see. This increased the click rate by 150% on mobile devices, generating an additional 18% revenue over just 5 days.

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Northface used product insights to optimize holiday shopping

This analysis informed the brand on where customers were struggling and which page elements were hindering conversions. For example, a low exposure rate of the category CTAs imparted the need to move them above the fold. A high click recurrence showed that the entirety of the hero image wasn’t clickable, telling the brand to make it so.

Understanding user behavior on the Gift Guide granted The North Face the intelligence is required to move forward with any changes to its UX. Moving the CTAs above the fold increased their exposure rate by a lofty 50%.

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