Stitchology vs Hotjar

The definitive guide to understanding the difference between the two platforms

Complete feature comparison


Records web visitor sessions to see how shoppers are parsing through website
Learn how individual pages  are performing with heatmaps
Real time shopper mouse movements and location tracking
Make quick business decisions with aggregated visual customer journeys
Understand brand growth over time with exportable data
In-depth page performance insights and funneled entry and exit analyses
Use product level insights to understand sales further
Prioritize marketing strategies by comparing engagement between products
Identify which product media leads to conversion
Annotate your business decisions and internal notes directly on your data
Instantaneously capture incoming and outgoing shopper traffic between pages

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Finding a Hotjar alternative is easy when you compare tools side-by-side. Consider Hotjar vs Stitchology: at first sight, the platforms seem to have the same functionality with similar toolsets. However, at a closer look, you'll see there’s a tremendous difference between the two just as there’s a clear difference between a Polaroid and a digital camera.